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Rewilding the Artist Explained

  Rewilding the Artist is a research and development pilgrimage to myself while exploring and reflecting on the sensory environment and how it can form a nurturing practice to balance and manifest peace through practice. One of the difficulties of being autistic is finding a sustainable way to work due to the levels of anxiety, mental & physical exhaustion that we can experience from living in a neurotypical world. Being autistic in a neurotypical world isn’t easy. The world can seem totally alien where everyone talks a different language & acts differently to how I experience the world, which causes very high levels of anxiety, misunderstandings/confusion & isolation. I have exercises and activities that nurture, balance & calm me (a sensory diet). However, they are an additional activity in my day that take time but are essential to my wellbeing. But what if they were my arts practice? What if those activities were my work? Could my arts practice be my way o

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