Uncertainty of Change and the Comfort of Order


My new area of investigation for a while is placement and sorting. I have started very simply with collecting images that resonate with me.

I’m finding the shift to test a different sensory activity quite difficult. Change is deeply unsettling when you are neuro-divergent. In previous weeks, had become totally immersed in carving crochet hooks, connecting to my ma etc. However, one of the remits of Rewilding the Artist is to test several sensory activities, reflecting on the experience and considering how they may be an aspect of my practice. 

For me, change provides feelings of detachment. I feel physically unbalanced and am having difficulty holding my mind to anything. This will change when I find a route where I am totally engrossed again. It feels a precarious space to inhabit. 

Until then, I sit with the discomfort and see what unfolds.