Things I have read or seen and found interesting during Rewilding the Artist:

Wilding by Isabella Tree

What: An immensely powerful book describing the ups and downs of the journey from intensive farming to (re)wilding the land that is know as Knepp. A truly eye opening read about the ecological mountain that we / humanity needs to climb and how nature can response in wonderful ways given the chance.

Take away: We are ONE. All interconnected in the web of life, nothing is surplus to requirements. Everything / everyone is a vital cog to the wellbeing of all and everything.

Wanderland by Jini Reddy

What: A thought provoking journey following the author on a personal journey to discover a connection with the land of the country she lives but didn't feel a belonging. On the journey she visits a number of locations in the British Isles and speaks with others about their connection.

Take away: Connection can be many thing, a thought, a feeling, a stone, a river. The project of gaining connection can be simple, it can be long and always takes a level of trust to follow the signposts and synchronicity. I was particularly interested in the concept of land temples and land cathedrals. 

A Journey Around My Room by Xavier de Maistre

What: Written about the authors experience of being locking in his room for 6 weeks and how he journeys around the room enjoying discoveries and considering ideas and concepts. 

Take away: A journey doesn't have to involve travel. It can solely exist in the mind never physically leaving one space.

Uncontacted Tribes - Survival International