The Ma of Weaving


Film by and about Tomo Kishida - Uni Sakiori

Once in a while you see something that aligns with where you are and your philosophy in life so beautifully that you need to stop, watch and see.

To go with the flow of anticipatory creation.

I have been weaving on and off now for 30 years but seriously for about 8. I weave using a Japanese Saori loom (the same that Tomo Kishida uses but 30cm narrower). I see weaving as a meditation and as a form of communication with myself. It the it the Ma between my physicality and my life experience allowing me to process and balance.

Wefts and a warp thread on a loom. Filmed from below seeing the top of the head of the weaver through the warps.

Weaving involves:

repetitive movement



making & creating

All these aspects calm my neuro-divergent being and feed my soul.

For me, the joy of using something that is 'found', not required by others, surplus to requirement adds to the joy and balance of human & land ecology.

A complete artist / human rewilding concept.

Handwoven tunic hanging against a bright pink wall