The Making of Amroth Driftwood Talking Stick

Driftwood stick on a pebble with sea and sunset in the background

 A stick embodies the spirit of the tree, each one unique to the species of tree and indeed the tree itself.

A stone can tell stories of space and place and in some cases ancestors - the bones of the earth.

Driftwood can tell of the journey it has taken and how it has been shaped and tussled  by the sea.

All have a story to tell.

Accessing that story, the wisdom of other than human takes time, patience, knowing & connection.

The carving of crochet hooks provides time in the space between - the ma - to relax into the moment and hear what is to be imparted.

Sometimes words, other times images, possibly something created from what is at hand either within the natural environment or within my personal space. 

My crochet hooks are talking sticks, they are the willing go between, the creator of space between myself and tree or location. A sensory object in themselves.

The creation of a talking stick can be a sensory dichotomy 

- soothing sounds of a sharp knife gently removing curls of wood to reveal the shape, followed by the harsh sounds of rough sandpaper encouraging the wood ever smoother.

- the feel of the wood on my hands often wonderful to start with however the process of creation passes through an uncomfortable stage of harsh to touch material when trust is needed that all will be well. 

The making of Amroth Driftwood Talking Stick

In the end the talking stick fits my hand like a glove due to the consideration of the materials natural form and balance and how it fits in my hand.

I can return to it at any time to hear it's stories.