Labyrinth of Pathways and Possibilities

While cataloguing my studio I find myself processing thoughts and ideas. Where could this research take me, which path(s) to choose? There are so many possibilities a in a tangle in my mind. I’ve started to draw a map, so nothing is lost. I find that a lot of my work happens and is manifest through feeling and thought within and not necessarily manifest externally for others to see and experience.

Question: How do I document this experience for it to be shared?

My map will keep safe potential directions. It starts in the centre of a new A4 journal and will jump from page to page linking up points and ideas. I love the concept of joining the ideas through threads of other ideas – the Ma, the liminal, the space to think and the space to be. My thoughts are not linear, why should my journal be?

Ultimately and primarily this journey of discovery is about me and my wellbeing as an artist and a being on this earth but is it also about seeing what works, can that be translated to others and be useful? Can the process lead me on a route to create new work? Yes, I have no doubt of this as it is already happening. I have already reached a rich seam of ideas even within the short space of time that this project has been occurring. The ideas are nurturing, ambitious, big, small, they keep flowing….. however, I want to keep in mind (and for the time being focus on) the initial task of cataloguing, finding, rediscovering, and understanding me in my space and place. Do its contents reflect a current me or are the still attached like limpets to a past me that is now more of a concept than a manifest being?