These shelves are the most organised part of my studio space. You really don't need to see the mess that I work in! My autism is a dichotomy, a constant shifting battle between the need to have everything organised and in it's place, labelled, neat and tidy and the combination of a lack of energy and too much USEFUL STUFF to be able to do it. Hence I work is small spaces of a good size room with piles of CREATIVITY ON THE FLOOR. Some things contained by the walls of my space are vital to my wellbeing by providing a positive sensory input. Others are personified making them more difficult to discard or pass onto someone else. Someone else may not care for their needs or use their name which would cause me to feel pain as that PERSON ITEM is not honoured with the care that it deserves or is used to. Over the coming days I shall start to catalogue everything in my space. This will take some time and will adhere to the QUESTIONS OF ENGAGEMENT: 

Does the item provide a sensory input? 

Is this positive or negative? 

Is the item named or personified?   

Do I keep the item, discard it or alter it?