Are you a Social Techie? Can you help Gaia?

I am looking for someone who is brilliant with social media, specifically Twitter & Instagram (maybe Facebook but I am aiming on moving away from that). Initially this will be to help me with posts and to understand how these platforms work for the duration of my research and development project. The project, Rewilding the Artist, runs until April / May 2022 but the work may be ongoing subject to funding. The opportunity will also include helping me with posts for ‘The Purple Floor’ a blog dedicated to my sensory work as an Associate Artist with Oriel Davies.

I envisage 4-6hrs / month for 6 months. The work is paid subject to Access to Work scheme funding; therefore you will need to be registered as self-employed with HMRC to be considered.

Over and above your skill as a ‘Social Techie’ you need to be someone who understands neuro-divergent communication & autistic sensory differences and be willing to adapt to my specific requirements. I value kindness, openness, patience, honesty & cats. It is important that we can relate to each other and that the working relationship is nurturing.

Is this you or someone you know?

If so, please contact me initially by emailing: I am also happy to receive voice messages or texts via What’sApp or messenger but not calls (I don’t do telephones!). Please let me know if you prefer to communicate in this way so that I can provide the necessary details.

Further details about Rewilding the Artist can be found here:

I have not added a deadline to this as it is more important to find the right person than to find someone quickly.

Bright Blessings,